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Turnaround &
Capital Restructuring

Our firm's professionals assess your particular situation, identify objectives, and provide the strategic guidance that is necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Based on this assessment, we:

  • Conduct a Formal Evaluation & Analysis of a Particular Business Strategy in the Context of the Client's Market, Competition, & Other Related Economic Factors
  • Perform Selected Analyses to Assess the Financial Viability of a Particular Strategy
  • Investigate Strategic Alternatives to Assist a Company in Returning to Profitability or Salvage Valuable Assets
  • Play a Very Active Role in the Sale or Purchase of Businesses' Divisions, Subsidiaries, or Assets & in the Course of Selling a Business Operation, the Firm Will Often Lead the Auction Process
  • Negotiate with Third Parties on Behalf of the Client, & Work with the Client's Professionals to Assist in Closing Transactions